Orange Coast - Civil Discourse Task Force

Orange Coast - Civil Discourse Task Force


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  Civil Discourse Task Force


To encourage people to discuss issues that matter with dignity and respect.

How We Accomplish Our Mission:

  • We train conversation facilitators;
  • We plan and hold community conversations;
  • We participate in and support other national organizations that focus on improving civil and respectful conversations on issues that matter.
  • We are closely connected to the National Institute for Civil Discourse.

How You Can Get Involved:

  • Volunteer to learn to facilitate a community conversation.
  • Talk to local groups about the importance of civil conversations.
  • Facilitate a community conversation
  • Help promote national civil discourse events such as "Golden Rule 2020: A Call for Dignity and Respect in Politics"

Photo of Director Van RekomContact Information:  

Petti Van Rekom
Member of LWVUS Civil Discourse Task Force

email: civil.discourse [at]


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Photo of Director Van Rekom

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by: Petti Van Rekom, LWVUS National Civil Discourse Task Force and LWV Orange Coast member

Wall with grafitti " Post No Hate "

OC Human Relations Release Event - 2019 Hate Crimes Report

  Register by October 16, noon

Try to Stop the Spread of False Information
Event Date: 
Oct 15 2020 - 5:00pm
Event location: 

Virtual Event

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Photo of Director Van Rekom

Speaking Out About Vote By Mail

By: Petti VanRekom

Yard Sign Reading "Hate Has No Home Here"
Member's Spotlight

Show a Sign of Your Love

by: Petti Van Rekom

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Blog Post

1. New Civil Discourse Fund Raising Opportunity

The Coast League, as part of its Civil Discourse project, will be selling yard signs, seen above, that say “Hate Has No Home Here”.

For more information about our civil discourse educational programs, please complete this form.

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More than 75% of Americans say they now believe that the lack of civility and respect in our country has reached a crisis level. In response to this crisis, the League of Women Voters supports and encourages civil discourse. Learn more about our league's efforts and sign up to receive the latest updates. Listen - Connect - Respect.