Sacramento County

Sacramento County

League supports/opposes Environmental legislation

California legislation is on hold but maybe you are interested in League legislative efforts?

AB 1567 (Aguiar-Curry and Mathis) SUPPORT "Organic Waste: Scoping Plan" requires an integrated scoping plan for reducing emissions associated with forestry, agriculture and urban organic waste, providing better coordination across all sectors. Letter of Support 

AB 1941 (Gallagher) OPPOSE "California Renewables Portfolio Standard: hydroelectric and nuclear generation and suspension" would temporarily pause the state’s renewable power mandates to provide funds to harden the grid. Although hardening the grid to reduce the risk and impacts of wildfires is imperative, loosening standards to mitigate climate change would slow our progress toward zero carbon. Letter Opposing
SB 1052 (Hertzberg) SUPPORT "Water quality: municipal wastewater agencies" would authorize municipal wastewater agencies to enter into voluntary agreements to improve stormwater management and to treat stormwater as a local water resource. Letter of Support
SB 1323 (Skinner), SUPPORT "Carbon sequestration: state goals: natural and working lands: registry of projects" creates CO2 removal targets for natural and working lands as a step towards identifying the scope and scale of work needed to reach carbon neutrality. Letter of Support
For a complete list of climate-related bills go to LWVC Climate Change Legislation


Lyrics to Suffragette songs (1850-2020)

What a fun book to check out!     Songs of the Suffragists: Lyrics of Feminism 

Sacramento Annual League meeting coming up!

Did you know that each League of Women Voters throughout the nation votes annually to determine League issues and positions for the local, State and National efforts?  Yep - this a grass roots organization and our Annual Meeting is coming up soon. Join us to vote on the three major agenda items for the 2020-21 year:

    1. adopt a local program
    2. elect directors, officers and off- Board members
    3. adopt a budget.

 We are busy, virtually!


  • Observer Corps Committee members streamline and coordinate reports of on-going committees and Boards in Sacramento County
  • Criminal Justice Committee members are reading about "Use of Force" in local regulations.
  • Nominating, Budget and and Program Planning committees are preparing the Board for our upcoming Annual Meeting
  • Membership Committee members welcome each new member
  • The Communications Team is busy with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, The Voter, Flikr and the web site
  • Maybe you would like to make a small contribution of time or a donation of money?  Let us know your thoughts about League related items....

November 2020 Election update

Ballot measures/initiative and referendum updates are published online regularly by the California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla. 

In the meantime, I bet the League effort to encourage voters is represented by increased voter participation in the last election.

  • 9,687,076 Californians voted, the most ever in a primary election.
  • 38.4% of the eligible voting age population cast ballots, the second highest primary turnout in the past 38 years.
  • Voter turnout in 13 of the 15 Voters Choice Act counties exceeded the statewide turnout.


Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Celebrates

Sacramento County logo

The Board recognized 100 years of service by the League of Women Voters with a resolution passed unanimously (Item 32 on the agenda).  

Happy 100 years to the United States League of Women Voters!    

The 2020 Census is happening NOW 

It has never been easier to respond to the census at

   How does your community rank in response rates?

Here are a few that I found on the web site for our area:

          • US - 55.6% of Households Have Responded
          • California 57% (rank #22 of all states)
          • (New York at 50% ranks #42; Texas at 50% ranks #39)
          • Sacramento County 62% (#8 in California)
          • Roseville 68%
          • Folsom 67%
          • Davis 66%
          • Sacramento 59%
          • Citrus Heights 56%
          • Vacaville 65%
          • Dixon 65%
          • West Sacramento 61%
          • Willows 58%

COVID-19: In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the U.S. Census Bureau has adjusted 2020 Census operations. 

Hot off the presses!

    • May issue of the newsletter
    • We are now active on Twitter  @LWVSacramento
    • Find us on Instagram, too!
    • Still rolling on Facebook - LWV Sacramento
    • Flickr photos show our Women's March banner and new member orientation

Who are we?


The League of Women Voters of Sacramento County is an organization of both women and men that welcomes diversity, equity and inclusion.  Located in California's Capitol, League of Women Voters of Sacramento County is uniquely positioned to participate in the study of political issues at both the local and state level.

    • We encourage informed and active participation in government.
    • We work to increase understanding of major public-policy issues.
    • We influence public policy through education and advocacy.


What can I do as a member?











•  voter registration  •  candidate forums  •  children's advocacy  •  climate change  •  census challenges  •  criminal justice reform  •  ranked-choice voting  •  more
Participation in a reputable organization such as the Sacramento League gives your voice more power.  Become a member to join an active and engaging group of people! 
  • The Sacramento League was recently featured as a case study in the book Vote for US, by Joshua Douglas, Ph.D.  He tells the story of how we led a governance reform effort in Sacramento.
  • Suffragists Club members provide extra funding for League activities and celebrate our annual Anne Rudin schlarship winner. 
  • More...

The League does not support nor oppose candidates or political parties.


What about registration and education activities?

Marge and Voter Registration           Voter Registration fun with Marge!

past events  


How do I vote in California; are you prepared for November? 

  • Visit Voting & Elections for more of the California League's voter services including positions on Statewide propositions.