League Launches 100 Years, 100 Gifts Campaign

League Launches 100 Years, 100 Gifts Campaign


The words gave me goosebumps ...

“It is an important task women have these days in the undramatic matter of learning what is true and what is false in the maze of statements we read and hear every day.  The League is based not on any partisan stand, but on a presentation of the truth on both sides of any issue and our big job right now is to find out the truth of current trends and to present that truth to others.” 

The words were spoken by Mrs. John Peterson, president of the South Bend League of Women Voters, just before the United States entered World War II in December of 1941. 

There was no internet then, no social media as we now know it.  News cycles were slow as molasses compared to what we have today.

Yet Mrs. Peterson’s words − ­ meant to address pervasive rumors and falsehoods on both domestic and foreign fronts − ­are just as relevant today as they were back then.

The League, which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary, still does what it did in 1941.  We doggedly pursue and present the facts in all our endeavors:  Election forums and debates, voter registration, our website, the Citizen’s Guide to Representative Government, our Vote411.com election guide, our Lunch with the League speaker series, and in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion reading program.

All these programs are carried out by volunteers, but it takes money to plan, promote and present them. Every year, we must find ways to pay for website services, Vote411.org, equipment purchases, and printing costs, including thousands of Citizen’s Guides, all provided free.

To raise that money, we are launching “100 Years, 100 Gifts” and asking members and friends to each give $100.  Imagine the work we can do if 100 of us each donates $100 or more! Of course, a donation of any amount will help us continue the work of Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy, and your gift will be sincerely appreciated and wisely spent.

Will you help put our local League on sound financial footing as we begin our second hundred years of service to the community?

All donations will be recognized on our website, and if you give any amount on or before Jan. 14, we will also include your name in the 2020 Citizen’s Guide to Representative Government – our 100th Anniversary edition!

And If you give $150 or more, we will recognize your gift with a display ad.  Just make your payment and submit the display before Jan. 14, 2020.   

Will you consider a $100 donation to our cause? Just go online to https://my.lwv.org/indiana/south-bend-area/100-years-100-gifts or send a check with “100 Years, 100 Gifts” written in the memo line to Judy Bradford, 1122 Clermont Drive, South Bend, 46617.  

Judy Bradford
Director of Administration
League of Women Voters of the South Bend Area
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