New Voter Registration Rights in Michigan

New Voter Registration Rights in Michigan

Voter Registration

Michigan Voters: New Rights in 2019

Many More Opportunities to Register

Register to vote anytime (until 2 weeks before the Election). Choices include: 

    • In person at Secretary of State, City/Township or County Clerk's office 
    • By mail (download an application at
    • Voter Registration Drive 
    • Online (when it is implemented) 

After the 15th day before the Election, you must register in person at the clerk's office with proof of residency.

Proof of residency is 

    • driver's license or personal ID card, 
    •  or any of the following (if proof is current and has your name and address on it) current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check or government document (electronic ok). 

No Reason Absentee Voting 

    • Apply for an Absentee Ballot either by downloading an application at or in person at your local or County Clerk office, or the Secretary of State Office. 
    • Submit application for Absentee Ballot either in person or by mail to your City/Township Clerk's office. 
    • When your Ballot is received either in person or in the mail, mark your ballot. Don't forget your signature on the envelope (or your vote won't be counted). Signature must match the signature on the absentee ballot application. 
    • Make sure your Ballot is received in the Clerk's office before 8 p.m. on Election Day. 

Early Voting by Absentee Ballot 

Beginning 45 days before the Election you can vote early in person. Apply for an Absentee Ballot either by downloading an application at or in person at your local or County Clerk's office. You can both apply for and vote in the same visit to your local City/Township Clerk's office (until 4 p.m. the day before the Election). Or you can take your ballot home (and return by 8 p.m. on Election Day). 

Extra hours!

    • City/Township Clerk offices must be open for at least 8 hours the weekend before the Election to allow for registration and voting by Absentee Ballot. Check for your clerk's specific hours at 
    • Election Day: Only Voters who need to register or update their registration address can register and vote in the City/Township Clerk office (until 8 p.m.). Voters already registered must vote at their polling location.

Straight Party Voting

The option to select all the candidates from one party by simply voting a Straight-Party Ballot will always be an option if there is a PARTISAN section to the Ballot. This box eliminates the need to check each partisan candidate individually. 


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